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Family Law Related

Litigation Support

I will work with you to minimize the negative impact of the family litigation process, take control of the areas you can, and help you move forward with your life. This work is grounded in over two decades of work in the system. Reach out today!


The perfect opportunity to begin resolving your family dispute. During this one-on-one conversation, we will discuss your unique situation, explore if mediation is right for you, and identify what you want to work through in mediation. With my guidance and support, you can feel confident in taking this important first step towards finding a solution that works for everyone involved. This is the right option if you both want to pursue family mediation. 

Parenting Plan Support

I will work with both parents in a voluntary, confidential process to create a child-focused parenting plan that addresses areas of concern, which may include mental health and addiction. I will combine my knowledge of family law, mediation, co-parenting, mental health, and addiction to help you create a customized parenting plan that work for you and your family.

Family Mediation

A structured process of exploration and problem-solving, mediation equips both parties keep control of the final outcome. Let me help you reach an agreement that meets your individual needs and those of your family. Let's talk more about how this process works and what to expect.

Note: Family Mediation Sessions can only be booked after all participants have completed pre-mediaiton.

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